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How to Make U-Pleat Drapes

  1. Let’s say you have a 120cm U-Pleat track using 6.5cm U-Pleat. So use the two-way 6.5cm chart, which tells you that size track takes 2 single widths of 140cm and has 9 spaces.
  2. Make as any gathered curtain and stitch tape to top just like gathering tape.

Hooking the curtain

  1. Lay flat and make 6cm return and 10cm overlap [Double track 13cm returns.]
  2. Then measure the fabric left between those 2 hooks marking overlap and return.
  3. Refer to chart which says 9 spaces PER SIDE for 120cm track
  4. So you divide the measurement you have by 9 this should be approx 116cm so you should get 12.9cm spaces.
  5. The overlap and underlap are not quite the same L/H one need’s 2 more hooks 1 in very end the next one 10cm from edge.
  6. The R/H needs 2 more hooks. One placed 4cm from edge of curtain and the second placed 10cm from edge of curtain. This leaves that 4cm to curve into the L/H curtain. (So we achieve 3 things, fitter knows R/H from L/H, forms overlap at top which appears rounded and lastly ensures excellent closure.)
  7. Then fan fold hook to hook but do not tie at very top and do not crease tape this is important!

This provides all the training necessary as well as making it easy for the fitter to hang. Just folding a curtain makes it difficult to hang and because not in proper folds, takes time to drape properly. This does not make a happy customer.

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