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Small Retailers

We Supply Fully Assembled
If you’d like to sell Uni-Q in your store, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

Large Retailers

DIY Assembly
Many larger retailers prefer to save money by using their own in-house staff to assemble our products. If this sounds like you, please get in touch today. We can supply all parts and components of our integrated drapery system and can even train your staff.

Other Wholesale

Uni-Q can also supply curtain tracks wholesale for commercial projects including building installations and display home drapery systems. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can do! Click here or call 9204 4471 today.

A shop display small enough and decorative enough to sit on your desk… or you can even hang it on a wall!

Shop Display Box

Our display box has all our profiles in one which can sit on a desk or wall mounted. The pieces are removable and can be handled. Customers can see our exclusive cast Colour Shifter finials which can be used together with Uni-Q’s sealed-in pelmet board.

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