Fully Patented Australian System for Pelmets

Padded Pelmets

Decorate Your Windows with Any Design Imaginable!

  • Achieve almost any design imaginable… even if it’s impossible with other pelmet brands
  • Available in almost any fabric… can be made to match furniture.
  • Pelmets can be plain or extremely ornate, depending on your tastes; in fact, the choice is almost unlimited!
  • Patented system delivers high quality pelmets at a lower cost… all while allowing intricate decorative designs.
  • Fantastic decorative idea to install our pelmets over otherwise bare looking blinds… a pelmet adds colour and hides blinds when pulled up.

Block Out Heat, Light & Sound

Padded Pelmets help significantly insulate against heat, light and sound transfer through your windows. This makes them perfect for Theatre Rooms and Bedrooms (a great boon for shift workers!). When used with full-length, lined curtains, our pelments will reduce heat-loss out and heat-gain in through your windows, by up to 37% more than a venetian blind.

Half-Price! Why?

Why do we offer our padded pelmets at half-price? Simply because the manufacture is cheaper than other pelmets. Our retail prices start at just $65 per metre, plus fabric – and you can supply your own if you like. (As a side note, 40yrs ago $100/metre was normal, which is a good indication as to why our company has sold retail and wholesale some 240,000m of them in just Western Australia! A great success story, thanks to our patented cost-saving design.)

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Choose from our Large Range of Standard Shapes… or Design Your Own, Made to Order

We can make not only whatever shape/fabric you desire, but also any size length or drop of pelmet – even if it is curved! Our pelments are always in one piece for superior looks.

Here are some standard shapes with notes on their best applications. You will see from our Pelmet photo gallery the very latest fashions – click here to check them out.

Standard Shapes

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More Photos

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See what we can do for you. Just use the enquiry form and we will talk to you about your requirements.