Uni-Q Helps Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Eco Friendly HomeWe all know that drawing curtains closed can keep a room cool in Summer and warm in Winter; so it makes sense that quality curtains will improve the energy efficiency of your home. Through its superior insulation qualities, a Uni-Q drapery system will:

  • reduce your reliance on heaters and air-conditioners
  • act as insulation on your windows
  • reduce your overall energy costs
  • help the environment by reducing your electricity consumption
  • help the community by reducing your home’s drain on the energy grid

Energy Savings

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Don’t take our word for it. Although these government publications are old, they are still accurate. Click the image, or click here to view them for yourself and discover how Uni-Q’s curtain tracking system helps you save on energy costs.

What Makes Uni-Q Better?

Although you could argue that other curtain tracks can also improve a home’s energy efficiency, there are many Uni-Q features that other tracks don’t have. Importantly, all our Décor Poles and Diva Designer Tracks allow a built-in pelmet board (which is totally concealed) to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer… along with keeping light out when a room needs to be dark. This affordable solution saves on buying an expensive pelmet and can actually cost less than conventional curtains.

  • simple top-board installation – maximises insulation effect at an affordable price
  • fully integrated parts – reduced gaps and air-flow for greater insulation
  • super-easy and cost-effective pelmet fittings – once again, protecting the top and side of windows for maximum insulation, insulating your home against unwanted heat, light and sound.

An Example: How Uni-Q Improves One-Way Tracks

Uni-Q tracks allow full side closure for superior
insulation… even on double tracks.

Eco Friendly Curtains

Old style one-way tracks have no insulation properties at all, because they are open at one end and cannot be sealed off. Uni-Q’s innovative track design conquers this problem by allowing full curtain closure – even on one-way tracks. What’s more, the solution works not only with single tracks, but double tracks too.

Acid-Free Colour-Coating

To create two of our most popular colour coatings – “Silver Silk” and “Honey Bronze” – we use an environmentally friendly electrolysis process. This eliminates the need to “acid dip” (a process which is not eco-friendly).

Improve the Acoustics in Your Home

In addition to improved insulation against heat and light, curtains will also insulate against sound and echo. Without doubt, a home with curtains is acoustically more pleasant. Noise is muffled and echo is significantly reduced, if not gone altogether. Conversations are easier and your home is more welcoming.

More Uni-Q Advantages

To discover even more benefits of our innovative Uni-Q products, click here to see Uni-Q’s  .

Get Uni-Q for Your Home

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