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Q1: What is The Uni-Q I.D.S.?

The system is a multifunctional range of drapery hardware where every curtain track from a plain Slim line to a decorator pole use interchangeable parts allowing a range of drapery headings, such as pinch pleating, gathers, inverted pleats and our own U-Pleat.

Our remit in designing the I.D.S. was to first design a basic track which could be used ultimately, to make the U-Pleat a practical product, but the tracks had to also be practical to use for all normal headings therefore the U-Pleat had to wait until the development of the basic Uni-Q track was completed. Using that basic track as a building block to expand to first, decorative rods allowing for the incorporation of a top board for greater insulation. Once this was achieved and tested we then finally produced the U-Pleat heading that was our ultimate aim in the beginning.

So having achieved all of the above we are now planning even more innovative products in the near future.

No, it's not a one way curtain... it's just the best curtain centre closure ever!

Once again from our showroom in Osbourne Park in this case a 200cm Diva designer track using 6.5cm U-Pleat spacing uses 2x1.5 widths 140cm wide or 7.5m of fabric. In Pinch Pleat it takes 10m or 2x2
Uni-Q IDSThis is a picture from our Osbourne Park Showroom with a 140cm wide fabric on a 330cm decor pole. We have used our 8cm spaced U-Pleat which uses only 2x2 widths or 10m of fabric conventional Pinch pleat takes 15m.

We believe the 8cm spacing shown is ideal for high than average curtains, especially those for built in recesses.

Q2: How the IDS works for PP (Pinch Pleating), sometimes known as French pleating.

When we designed the track it was essential that we made it possible to work with conventional headings. This was not difficult being basically a runner everything else was designed to be multifunctional therefore very simple problem to solve.

PP Diva PP


Q3: How does the U-Pleat heading work?

First you have a window size so look at the chart provided which tells you the nearest maximum track size you can have and the no of widths of fabric required.

So you have a 180cm [6 foot] width window requires a 200cm track [6"7inches] needing 2 curtains with 1.5 widths in each using a 140cm [54 inches] wide fabric which allows for returns and overlaps and an 11.6cm space. You decide the drop taking into account track must go up 5cm [2inches] higher as curtain hangs under the track.

Basically you then sew a rectangle, stitch the U-Pleat tape to the top of the curtain, follow the simple instructions where to put the U-Pleat hooks and you hang it. The runners which the hooks go into are attached to a chain link which ensures the spaces are identical. There is an 8cm spacing chain and for example 2x1.5 widths using that will fit a maximum track size of 240cm.

200cm track using 2x1.5 Widths and 6.5cm chain lin
Picture 1: A 200cm track using 2x1.5 Widths and 6.5cm chain link

330cm track using a 2x2 widths and an 8cm chain link
Picture 2: A 330cm track using a 2x2 widths and an 8cm chain link.

Q4: How do Inverted Pleats Work?

We simply made a two-hole runner with a rounded top which turns sideways. Below is a picture of the simplest way to make for underslung curtains.

Hooks in Reverse Pleat - Inverted Back Hooks in Reverse Pleat

Q5: Are brackets adjustable vertically?

Yes by means of a slot.

For the best fixing, we recommend using our little Wonder Wall plugs sold separately ($40/1000).

Little Wonder Plugs

Q6: Can Slim line track be bent?

Bent slimline track. Yes and the radius is only 12cm.

Q7: Can Slim line track be reverse bent and still be corded?

Yes they can.

Q8: Are miter’s simple to fit?

Yes is the short answer but how its simple takes a little explaining.

We made an actual plastic miter holder in colors to tone with the track colors this comes already on the return miter all you do is, once you have placed the top board on top of your brackets, as explained in answer 11, you simply slide your miter on and tighten the screw.
That's it.

Uni-Q Miters


Uni-Q Miters

Q9: How do Color Shifter finials work?

As our Décor rods and the Diva designer track were both conceived with the idea of having a solid top board for greater heat and light control initially a mitered return seemed to solve the problem of how to enclose the top board to seal the ends in and ensure the bare ends of the top board could not be seen. But how to make a finial as this is something so many customers do want yet it seemed we would have to dispense with the top board to do so. As usual we came up with something completely new along with a simple solution so the top board could be used. The Color Shifter was born and we called it the color shifter as making it a lattice work casting (i.e not plastic) and sliding it on to the décor pole it can become 2 colored and so highlight and individualize the track ends instead of the boring old mono chromatic finials available normally. So with 6 colors you can make something different and very stylish. The Diva designer track being flat cannot have anything but a mitered end.

Silver Finials

To achieve the practical side we have to cut your track length plus 16cm, we then have to cut 2 end pieces of track to enclose board. It looks like this below. The side pieces support the return of the curtain in the same way as the mitered return. Uni-Q Colour Shifters

Q10: If using finials can you still use a top board?


Q11: Are display samples available for stores?

Yes as pictured plus for road reps what we call a bandolier containing all track samples plus finial. rolls up neatly for ease of carrying.

Uni-Q colour shifter display stands

Q12: What are the advantages of U-Pleat over other look like drapery systems?

1. The tape for U-Pleat works with hooks not press studs. This allows from small to large folds, however the tape (Patent Pending) is designed to take heavy drapes as well as light weight sheers. (Prior to our tape, heavy drapes were only available if using press studs or Springcrest.) 2. The tape allows for hooks to form folds of uniform size. 3. All tracks can be corded. 4. Hand drawn tracks still overlap correctly. 5. All 1 way tracks allow U-Pleat to be returned at both ends. 6. All 2 Way tracks overlaps allow drapes to look as if one. 7. NO making fabric fit snap tape as the tape fits the fabric. 8. Using all your fabric results in deeper fuller folds. 9. Generally U-Pleat is half the cost at least of look a likes. 10. Brackets have 20mm slot of height adjustments. 11. Can request special paint colours P.O.A. 12. Bends right angle and 45 Degrees, Slimline only, $8.00 each. 13. Can be reverse bent at just $20 per bend. 14. Can be curved either forward or backward P.O.A. 15. Suitable for all drapes lined or sheers 16. Double tracks at same height with 22cm max projection. 17. Brackets are adjustable on slots up or down.

Tell us your particular tracking problem!

We do appreciate that some of our blurb may not be relevant to a particular problem you have. All we can do here is try to explain the basics because the I.D.S. is so different we can customize it to over come almost any problem you have tracking wise.

A visit to our showroom is really a must if you are in W.A. but we know how busy everyone is so if you cannot get in call us for any queries you may have.

Uni-Q colour shifter display stands