33 Reasons to Choose Uni-Q

Australian Ingenuity

1.Truly innovative curtain tracking… Uni-Q. Uni-Q boasts at least  over any other track available on the market. These include better looks, reduced manufacturing costs, new design possibilities for curtains and drapes (as we overcome constraints of old-style curtain tracks) and improved ease of installation. Finally, we have combined all of this into a great looking product at a really great price!.

Uni-Q is an Australian Innovation
2.Designed and Made in W.A. Australia specifically for Australian conditions… Believe it or not curtains vary from country to country and what Australia gets is not always very suitable but “its all that’s available” we want to change that.

One-Way Tracks with Closed Sides

One Way Return to Wall

(Click to enlarge.) The only track that allows 1-way curtains to return to walls at both ends… in any type of heading!

3.Close a 1-Way track at both ends…
Do you need a curtain (perhaps on a door or single window) that only opens one way? In most cases you would be forced to settle for a curtain that is open on one side, which really drags down the overall appearance. With Uni-Q, however, you can add a stunning closure to both sides of the curtain while keeping the easy-slide one-way track.

4.Uni-Q can also close a double-1-way track at both ends.

Click the images to view full size.

The above example becomes even more impressive when you realise Uni-Q allows curtain closure on both ends, even for double curtains – including where a sheer is used on the front with a lining on the rear track. This works whether the curtains are cord-drawn or hand operated.

Uni-Q’s one way closure is really a boost for curtain sales. When used with our decorative tracks (with built in top board available for insulation), customers will enjoy a system that is decorative, functional and offers insulation from heat and cold. No more ugly open curtain gaps showing the back of the curtain.

Get the Same Look with Less Fabric


5.Only Uni-Q gives you a full, plush designer look with less fabric… In fact, you can typically save up to 20% on the cost of your curtains. This means you can:

  • cover a wider window without blowing your budget
  • use more expensive fabric while staying within budget
  • simply reduce you’re overall curtain costs

6.Uni-Q makes designer windows more affordable… Our tracking is cost-effective, requiring less parts, less fabric and less time to install. If you desire stunning drapes that will stand the test of time, you simply must choose top quality components. With Uni-Q, you get top of the range curtain tracks at cost-effective prices.

When you choose U-Pleat Curtains to accompany your Uni-Q tracks, you could save up to 20% on typical curtain costs! 

Wider views. Uni-Q reveals 20cm more glass.

7.Less stack back gives more glass area!… Better design and tighter tracks allow curtains to reveal 20cm more glass for wider views.

8.ANY type of heading – pinch-pleats, gathers, inverted pleats and U-Pleat…. Uni-Q tracks will hold any style of heading perfectly.

Any style of heading.

Easy to Fit and Install

Integrated Drapery System

(Click to enlarge.) Integrated Drapery System

9.Designed by an ex-installer with fellow curtain fitters in mind… Uni-Q tracks and accessories are amazingly easy to fit. Every component has been carefully designed for easier, faster, more affordable installation – with zero compromise on looks.

As you can see from the picture (click to enlarge), the track profiles are all built on the same basic profile. This allows all tracks, parts and accessories to use the same components and the same alternative headings.

Improved Overlap Arms

Uni-Q Overlaps result in a flatter, better closure.

10.Overlap arms for better closure… Uni-Q has 7 types of overlap arm. Each one has a common part in its design, which is a raised hole at the end of the overlap. This ensures it is raised just enough to ensure a great overlap. Click the picture to your right see how our overlap arms work so much better.

Curtains on our tracks look better and close better. Each Uni-Q overlap arms has a different use. For example, one of them makes possible the side-closure on a one way curtain – something that’s virtually impossible with other brands.

The Only Narrow, Non-Decorative Track on the Market

11.Slimline Track converts to a “Mini Decor” track… 

Uni-Q Slimline Track with Mitres

Uni-Q Slimline Track with Mitres. Available in both corded and hand-drawn.

Uni-Q Products
A simple rectangular track. Perfect for underneath pelmets. Our slimline track not only closes both ends but is the only narrow, non-decorative track on the market which can be mitred; so converting an ordinary track to a mini decorative minimalist track  – an incredibly popular innovation! Can be bent backwards or forwards. Achieve a perfect no-gap ceiling fix.

Innovative Top Boards (Pelmet Boards)

12.Drop-in Top board!… Drop in top board to suit every decorative rod or diva track. Easily drops in. Does not have to be cut. Great for fitters!

Eco-Friendly13.Eco-friendly, energy efficient design… Made from opaque PVC to stop heat and light at the top of the curtain. Click here to discover how the Uni-Q top board improves the insulation of your curtains and energy efficiency of your home.

Uni-Q tracks allow full side closure for superior
insulation… even on double tracks.

Eco Friendly Curtains

Click the above image to read more…

14.Top board simply “drops in”… Strong but flexible. Not just a flat board, but shaped to allow rigidity and flexibility where required. It requires no screws and no cut outs. There is no fuss for the fitter. It simply drops in!

15.Flexible enough to fit again cornices… Today’s fashion sees many tracks placed against the cornice, which means fitters cannot simply drop the top board in; but due to its flexibility, the top board is still easy to install. Fitters can simply feed it into the track from standing on the floor.

Innovative Mitred Returns

Diva Track Corner Close Up

16.All tracks can be mitred for a perfectly finished look!

PLUS Only Uni-Q offers a “mini” Decor track Decorators love our 25mm slimline track because it’s the only one on the market that can be fitted with mitres – instantly turning it into a mini decor track.

17.The mitre holder is universal… This means, if using U-Pleat or Inverted Pleats the returns hooks are always correctly positioned sideways but if Pinch Pleat they can sit at the front as normal with pleat at front.

18.Plastic stops for easier returns… Where the mitre goes against the wall we use a plastic stop end which allows the return to be hooked to it and not the bracket.

19.Plastic stops protect the walls… The plastic stop protects the wall from being damaged by the raw end of the mitre which sits against the wall.

20.Mitre makes installation easy… The mitre is put on after the track, with just a single screw to tighten for installation to be complete.

Better Brackets

21.Strong, forward-facing brackets are easy to install… No need for fitters to to turn brackets sideways. All made of heavy duty steel.

Uni-Q Brackets - Notice the graduations for easy on-the-spot height adjustment during installation. The left bracket is an end bracket. The right bracket is a centre bracket.

22.Slots instead of fixing holes = easier adjustment… Whilst most brackets have a selection of fixing holes, Uni-Q does not. As you can see here, the end brackets (the larger of the two) has two slots and the smaller centre bracket has one slot. All doubles have slots.

If you look carefully you will see graduations in mm allowing a precise adjustment to be made. (We recommend to place fixing screws in the centre of slot so up or down adjustment is possible.)

No décor track we know of has a built in adjustment like this. If the curtain is too short or too long, the old solution is to alter the curtain or refit track (99.999% of the time, the fitter has to refit at his expense). The new Uni-Q solution is easier, saves hassle, saves time and saves money!

23.Lock-tight graduated fixings… Although you might assume our brackets will slide up the slot, this is not the case. The graduations on the bracket lock tight with our 32mm hex/cross head screws (made in black, silver and gold) which have a star washer built in. The screws and washer, combined with the graduations, locks the bracket and it cannot slide down slot.

Screws Colours Prices

Silver or Gold Screws: $40/1000. Black Screws: $6/100.

24.Double tracks don’t need additional brackets… You’ll notice the brackets have bent sides with holes on both sides. This allows you to have a double Slimline track and still return both curtains to wall! This is great for hanging a sheer in front with lining behind and a pelmet in front. The rear track sits 4cm smaller than front. What’s more, there is no extra cost for another centre bracket.

25.Bracket holes are easily matched to runner holes… Another common problem is finding the right height to place a hook on returns. Uni-Q solves this by by having 3 holes in sides. So if you have a 2 hole runner, you can use the bottom hole and the same height hole on the bracket. No more fuss.

Little Wonder Plugs

Little Wonder Plugs offer trouble-free fitting! ($40/1000)

26.Only one-screw required per bracket… thanks to our “little wonder plugs”. In addition, Uni-Q brackets are designed with a flat plate to the wall (not recessed at back) which provides extra strength.

27.Perfect for gyprock installations… If you are installing on to Gyp rock, the greater plate length against the wall at the ends definitely increases strength where you need it.

A Selection of Cord and Track Colours

Cord Colour Example

Cord Colour Example (Click to enlarge.)

28.No more ugly white cords!… Current fashions mean sheers are often used as a face curtain. Uni-Q improves this look by simply supplying corded tracks with alternatives to white and cream coloured cords. You can choose from 6 cord colours. Our guide has a colour chart and recommended standard colour combinations (i.e. grey is used on Silver Silk and Mirror Chrome white on white. If silver track black sheer then you specify black). There is a place on our Uni-Q order form to specify the cord colour you want.

Large choice of track colours… Choose from 7 great colours for Décor Poles and 3 colours for Diva Tracks.

Easy-to-Alter Cord Length

Easy to Alter Cord Length - Track Comparison

(Click to enlarge.) Easy to Alter Cord Length – Track Comparison

29.Cord length can be altered while still on the Track… All other tracks currently sold in Australia are assembled with the cord tied together at the back of both master slides to lock it in place. Therefore, if the cord length needs altering you must take the track down off the wall. This is a time-consuming problem for fitters.

Uni-Q solves this problem by simply keeping the two ends of cord separated, thus preventing de-centering. To shorten the cord is easy – just pull one cord down until the correct length is attained.

We make all our cords a standard 180cm in length and can supply longer if requested.

Note: If you’re wondering why cord lengths need to be altered, there are two reasons. Firstly, if the track is not centred correctly (due to incorrect assembly or a stretched cord). Secondly, at the fitting stage, the fitter may discover the cord is too long to be “fixed” according to the law (which has mandatory requirements to screw the cord in place). In these two instances, fitters will find Uni-Q cords very quick and easy to alter.

Clever Uni-Q Pulleys
Individual Pulleys Across Many Windows – With One Track!

30.Separate windows, one track… Because Uni-Q allows you to slide pulleys into tracks, it is now possible to treat 3 or even 4 small windows individually… and allow each one to be operated separately, yet only use one piece of track.

Even More Superior Design Features

31.Decorative Double-Tracks install at same height… While some décor double-tracks require separate brackets to be installed at different heights, Uni-Q solves this problem. The unique design of our décor tracks means front and rear tracks can be installed at the same height. This achieves a better look for the client. Everybody else wins too. Same drop size = less work for curtain makers. Same brackets = less work for installers.

32.A true double-hole runner… True because it gives a full one hook size difference which is useful if using a 9cm tape or 10cm tape.

33.Many small bend possibilities – both forwards and backwards… A primary remit to the design of track was that the extrusion could be bent in a small radius. We have achieved a small radius of 22.5cm for bends.

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