S Pleat Curtains in Your Perth Home or Business

S Pleat Curtains

U-Pleat – an stunning alternative to S Pleat Curtains

As the name suggests, S-Pleat Curtains have folds that curve in such a way they that they resemble the letter S. And in some brands of curtains, the “S” in “S Pleat” may represent the word “Snap”, essentially meaning “Snap Pleat”. (The snap-fix method is a method of fixing the curtains to the track, invented by Silent Gliss.)

A Smarter Alternative

In our experience, S-Pleat curtains have many disadvantages and so we have created what we believe is a better product – U-Pleat.

U-Pleat vs. S-Pleat

U-Pleat curtains have luxurious folds which offer what we believe are superior looks over S-Pleat drapes. And compared to installing snap-pleat, installation of U-Pleat is a breeze.

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Combined with Uni-Q tracks and our half-price padded pelmets, U-Pleat drapes are the perfect alternative to S-Pleat for your residential or commercial decorating needs. Feel free to contact us using the form on our website, or call us today.

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