Pelmets Perth, Western Australia

Pelmets Perth

Pelmets Perth! The Uni-Q pelmet system is installed in thousands of WA homes!

Half Price Padded Pelmets

Half Price Padded Pelmets by Perth business Uni-Q’s has become a well known brand in Western Australia. The “go to” people for any style of Pelmet, Uni-Q’s innovative, full-patented pelmet system offers customers many advantages, including:

  • Lower costs (we call them “half price” for a reason!)
  • Superior insulation
  • Easy installation
  • and more!

Pelmets in Perth Homes and Businesses

Perth is a hot city and our pelmets can drastically improve the insulation properties of your windows. By sealing the tops of your drapes with a Uni-Q Pelmet, you prevent heat, light and sound from escaping and entering a room. This is especially important in Perth, which experiences a wide variety of temperatures from season to season.

Perth Pelmet Installations: Enquire Here

Simply use our contact form to enquire about installing pelmets in your Perth home or business. Remember, we can custom-make pelmets to suit almost any complex installation. The only limit is your imagination.

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