The system is a multifunctional range of drapery hardware where every curtain track from a plain Slim line to a decorator pole use interchangeable parts allowing a range of drapery headings, such as pinch pleating, gathers, inverted pleats and our own U-Pleat.

Our remit in designing the I.D.S. was to first design a basic track which could be used ultimately, to make the U-Pleat a practical product, but the tracks had to also be practical to use for all normal headings therefore the U-Pleat had to wait until the development of the basic Uni-Q track was completed. Using that basic track as a building block to expand to first, decorative rods allowing for the incorporation of a top board for greater insulation. Once this was achieved and tested we then finally produced theĀ U-Pleat heading that was our ultimate aim in the beginning.

So having achieved all of the above we are now planning even more innovative products in the near future.

No, it’s not a one way curtain… it’s just the best curtain centre closure ever!

Once again from our showroom in Osbourne Park in this case a 200cm Diva designer track using 6.5cm U-Pleat spacing uses 2×1.5 widths 140cm wide or 7.5m of fabric. In Pinch Pleat it takes 10m or 2×2

Uni-Q IDSThis is a picture from our Osbourne Park Showroom with a 140cm wide fabric on a 330cm decor pole. We have used our 8cm spaced U-Pleat which uses only 2×2 widths or 10m of fabric conventional Pinch pleat takes 15m.

We believe the 8cm spacing shown is ideal for high than average curtains, especially those for built in recesses.

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