As our Décor rods and the Diva designer track were both conceived with the idea of having a solid top board for greater heat and light control initially a mitered return seemed to solve the problem of how to enclose the top board to seal the ends in and ensure the bare ends of the top board could not be seen.

But how to make a finial as this is something so many customers do want yet it seemed we would have to dispense with the top board to do so. As usual we came up with something completely new along with a simple solution so the top board could be used.

The Color Shifter was born and we called it the color shifter as making it a lattice work casting (i.e not plastic) and sliding it on to the décor pole it can become 2 colored and so highlight and individualize the track ends instead of the boring old mono chromatic finials available normally. So with 6 colors you can make something different and very stylish. The Diva designer track being flat cannot have anything but a mitered end.

Silver Finials

To achieve the practical side we have to cut your track length plus 16cm, we then have to cut 2 end pieces of track to enclose board.

It looks like this below. The side pieces support the return of the curtain in the same way as the mitered return.

Uni-Q Colour Shifters

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