First you have a window size so look at the chart provided which tells you the nearest maximum track size you can have and the no of widths of fabric required.

So you have a 180cm [6 foot] width window requires a 200cm track [6"7inches] needing 2 curtains with 1.5 widths in each using a 140cm [54 inches] wide fabric which allows for returns and overlaps and an 11.6cm space. You decide the drop taking into account track must go up 5cm [2inches] higher as curtain hangs under the track.

Basically you then sew a rectangle, stitch the U-Pleat tape to the top of the curtain, follow the simple instructions where to put the U-Pleat hooks and you hang it. The runners which the hooks go into are attached to a chain link which ensures the spaces are identical. There is an 8cm spacing chain and for example 2×1.5 widths using that will fit a maximum track size of 240cm.

200cm track using 2x1.5 Widths and 6.5cm chain lin
Picture 1: A 200cm track using 2×1.5 Widths and 6.5cm chain link

330cm track using a 2x2 widths and an 8cm chain link
Picture 2: A 330cm track using a 2×2 widths and an 8cm chain link.

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