1. The tape for U-Pleat works with hooks not press studs. This allows from small to large folds, however the tape (Patent Pending) is designed to take heavy drapes as well as light weight sheers. (Prior to our tape, heavy drapes were only available if using press studs or Springcrest.)

2. The tape allows for hooks to form folds of uniform size.

3. All tracks can be corded.

4. Hand drawn tracks still overlap correctly.

5. All 1 way tracks allow U-Pleat to be returned at both ends.

6. All 2 Way tracks overlaps allow drapes to look as if one.

7. NO making fabric fit snap tape as the tape fits the fabric.

8. Using all your fabric results in deeper fuller folds.

9. Generally U-Pleat is half the cost at least of look a likes.

10. Brackets have 20mm slot of height adjustments.

11. Can request special paint colours P.O.A.

12. Bends right angle and 45 Degrees, Slimline only, $8.00 each.

13. Can be reverse bent at just $20 per bend.

14. Can be curved either forward or backward P.O.A.

15. Suitable for all drapes lined or sheers

16. Double tracks at same height with 22cm max projection.

17. Brackets are adjustable on slots up or down.

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